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With support from the City of Merced, we developed MULA. The program was developed to teach life and employment soft skills outside of soccer to our student athletes, as well as to expose them to community leaders to aid in the athlete’s holistic education. Throughout MULA, our student athletes will build their network by engaging in conversations and group activities focused on professional development. 

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Program Mission

  • Develop youth leaders in our community

  • Prepare student athletes for obstacles outside of sports

  • Network with industry leaders to mentor our students 

  • Organize speaker sessions, Q&A seminars, and group              activities with community leaders 

  • Identify and share college or career pathways with student athletes


Session Information

Sessions will include experts in the specific topics.
I. College Admission 
Navigation of the college admission process, selecting a major, admission and support programs (i.e. EOP, Puente Program), and information on college athletic recruiting.
II. Technology and Trade Schools 
Discussion on Technology careers and Trade Schools, as well as the importance of vocational training. 
III. Financial Aid: How to pay for college or vocational training 
Grants, scholarships, and other ways to pay for post-secondary schooling. 

IV. Careers in Education / Education Pathways 
Post-secondary school representatives will discuss their roles in their educational field. V. Introduction to City of Merced and County of Merced government and leaders City and county government programs, departments, and leaders. Differences in city and county government.

VI. Financial Literacy 
Opening a bank account, bank vs credit union, money management, credit scores, personal and business loans. 
VII. Entrepreneurship 
Opening a small business from idea through startup, business plans, business loans, and challenges small businesses face. 

VIII. Health and Wellness 
Maintain a healthy physical and mental lifestyle, as well as local resources for those that need physical and mental health assistance. 

IX. Connecting with Community Organizations 
Community organizations are an integral part of a community, thru the services they provide to a vast array of populations. 
X. The World of Work 
Job search workshops covering job interviews, resumes, and employer expectations. 

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