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Our Mission is to provide year-round sports programming and educational opportunities to youth in Merced County, with an emphasis on diverse and underserved communities. Through first-class multisport programming, we aim to create sports equity through social inclusion. Our objective is to develop well-rounded student athletes that are prepared to succeed in professional and/or higher education opportunities.


To be the leading sports academy in the central valley by providing accessible sports and academic services to the community.


  • Provide the highest quality sports and coaching education.

  • Training high quality coaches will develop student-athletes that excel in their respective sport. 

  • Provide exceptional academic and arts education

  • Providing a holistic well-rounded education will aide student-athletes in their professional or collegiate goals.

  • Expose student-athletes to collegiate and professional pathways

  • By networking and exposing students to all possible pathways to be successful in their respective goals.


  • ​Excellence

  • Education 

  • Growth-Mindset

  • Humility

  • Inclusion

  • Integrity

  • Leadership

  • Perseverance #nevergiveup


Merced Youth Soccer Association (Merced United) is a California Non-Profit 501c3.

Currently staffed by 9 board members. We can be reached at:

President - Daniel Pulido

Vice President - Christopher "Mikey" Bernal

Secretary - Adrian Ramirez

Treasurer - Tom Siverly


Recreational Coordinator - Cassandra Gomez

Recreational Registrar - Aaron Pangelina

Competitive Coordinator - Aaron Pangelina

Competitive Registrar - Luz Lomeli

Adult League Coordinator - Hector Berber

Adult League Registrar - Ariana Garcia

Fundraising Coordinator - Vacant

Board meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Locations vary due to availability. 

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