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Youth Competitive League

The Competitive Program is aimed at boys and girls aged from 5 to 17 years. All of the players in this program will train 3 days per week and play competitive games every weekend (During the season).


  • Learn specific technical and tactical aspects of soccer from Merced United's methodology

  • Learn to play united as a team to achieve common skills and goals.

  • Provide players with a supportive and positive environment.

  • Teach the values that represent Merced United: Passion, Respect, Unity, Teamwork and to Never give up



  • Ages 5-17 Years.

  • Players are divided into teams by skill level and age

  • Registration by Invitation or Official Tryout

  • Regional Competitive games and NorCal Club Tournaments

Reach out to our Competitive Committee with any questions:

If you have specific questions you can reach out to a specific Committee member:

Aaron Pangelina -Competitive Coordinator-

Luz Lomeli -Competitive Registrar-

Liz Phillips -Manager Coordinator-

Sandra Harsh -Field Coordinator-

Mark Hamilton -Fundraising Coordinator-

Youth Competitive Coaches & Teams

Alfred Flores & Joel Garcia- 2004G

Steve Lomeli- 2006B

Fabian Ramirez- 2007G

Jose Alvarez- 2007B

Fabian Ramirez & Rafael Esquivel- 2008G

Jorge Olivares & Melissa Villegas- 2008G White

Erick Araujo & Ana Alberto- 2008B

Cassandra Javier- 2009G Red

Daniel Castro- 2009B

Mark Hamilton- 2009B Red

Lino Barrios & Franco Celso- 2010G

Cesar Casillas, Roy Castaneda, & Ruby Barron- 2010B

Eric Vaz- 2010B White

Stuart Rawling- 2010B Red

Ana Alberto & Richard Alberto- 2011B

Jamie Mayoral & Richard Cruz- 2012G

Victor Olmos- 2012B White

Eduardo Peralta- 2012B Red

Luz Perez, Ronnie Araujo-Leonides & Jeremias Gonzalez- 2013G White

Antonio Cortez & Ricardo Zaragoza- 2013G Red

Elizabeth Phillips- 2015G

Steve Lomeli & Carlos Ceja- 2015B Red

Steve Lomeli- 2015B White

Season Fees & DOC

$45 fat online registration covers:

  • US Club Soccer insurance for the year

  • GotSport membership fee​

Club Fees:

  • 1st half, $100 due July 10th

  • 2nd half, $100 due January 10th

League Fees:

  • Fall - $110* due August 1st

  • Spring - $110* due March 10th

*Fall and Spring League Fees are $100 for U8-U10 age groups

The club fee addresses:

Steve Lomeli -Director of Coaching-

The DOC along with Profé ( guides and assists the coaches and the overall program. Central Valley Soccer Development Academy (CVSDA) will be providing Merced United with the following services:

  1. Monthly training for younger and older age teams.

  2. Provide on field assistance nightly for all teams.

  3. Be at home matches for match analysis.

  4. Provide training sessions online and on paper.

  5. Assist in tryouts and evaluate new players.

  6. Any other functions deemed necessary by MYSA Board or Comp Committee.


Coaches Education and Equipment  

The club would like every coach to possess a US D license:

For the club to provide this service, we need a source of revenue to fund this. Each license cost approximately $600.  This cost will be reimbursed back to the coach upon completion of the course. We will try and host these courses, so coaches don’t have to travel.  


Field Improvements

A major need that was identified with surveys was the need for better fields.  For the club to improve our fields we need funds to do this. The club fee will address this need.

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