Sideline Etiquette

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Please remember when playing on McNamara Turf field:

  • NO food

  • NO drinks (except water)

  • NO smoking

  • NO gum

  • NO sunflower seeds

  • NO animals

Additionally ... 

1. Let the Coaches coach: Please leave the coaching to the coaches. This includes motivating, after game critiquing, setting goals, requiring additional training etc. You have entrusted the care of your player to the coaches and they need to be free to do their job. If the player has too many coaches, it is confusing for him and his/her performance usually declines.
2. Support the Program: Get involved and volunteer. We are a community based volunteer program and there are many ways to assist and become involved. 
3. Support your child and be his/her biggest fan: Support your child unconditionally.
4. Support and root for all the players on the team: Teamwork is a key aspect of soccer. When a teammate is performing better than your son/daughter a learning opportunity presents itself. Your child’s teammates are not the enemy. Foster teamwork.
5. Encourage your child to talk with his/her coaches: Encourage your child to speak directly to their coaches when they are having difficulties during practices/games, need to miss a practice, etc. Taking this responsibility will allow your child to assume ownership of their soccer experience and develop skills relevant outside the soccer world. 
6. Understand appropriate game behavior: Parents and Supporters are encouraged to cheer and support the players.  Negative comments or body language directed towards the play, player, or team are unacceptable. Please refrain from making comments directed toward the opponent and/or referees. Please allow for ALL of the coaching towards the MUFC players to come only from the MUFC coaching staff. Do not give your child and/or their teammates instructions. This will only serve as a distraction and will not help the player succeed. 
7. Monitor eating/sleeping habits, and your child’s stress level: Be sure your child is eating proper foods and receiving adequate rest. Keep an eye on your son/daughter to make sure they are handling stress effectively from the various activities/aspects of his/her life.
8. Keep soccer in proper perspective: Soccer is not the end all be all.  Your relationship with your son/daughter will continue well beyond their competitive soccer experience. Please ensure your goals and needs are kept separate from your child’s soccer experience. Remember that the game belongs to the players and the spectators are guests.
9. HAVE FUN!!!!