1. $45 at online registration covers

    • US Club soccer insurance for the year

    • Gotsport membership fee​

  2. Club Fees

    • 1st half, $100 due July 10th​

    • 2nd half, $100 due January 10th

  3. League Fees

    • Fall - $110* due August 1st​

    • Spring - $110* due March 10th

*Fall and Spring League Fees are $100 for U8-U10 age groups​

2021-22 Season Fees

League Fees

For the club to stay competitive and attract quality referees, the ref fees for Fall 2021 will  increase.  

This increase will help with ref retention and increase the ref pool that we currently have.  

Our assignor has mentioned on numerous occasions that refs will go to Turlock over Merced, due to this imbalance of fees.  This increase will align us with other clubs in the valley.

The cost increase will be absorbed through League fees.  The League fee for the 2021/22 season will:

  • for U11 to U19, increase from $100 to $110 per season,

  • For U8 to U10, stay at $100 per season.

In an effort to improve multiple functions of the club a club fee has been approved. The club fee addresses

I. DOC  

Every soccer club has a DOC to guide and assist the coaches and the overall program.  Central Valley Soccer Development Academy (CVSDA)  will be providing Merced United with this service.  The service will provide.

  1. Monthly training for younger and older age teams.

  2. Provide on field assistance nightly for all teams.

  3. Be at home matches for match analysis.

  4. Provide training sessions online and on paper.

  5. Assist in tryouts and evaluate new players.

  6. Any other functions deemed necessary by MYSA Board or Comp Committee.


II. Coaches Education and Equipment  

The club would like every coach to possess a US D license. 

For the club to provide this service, we need a source of revenue to fund this.  Each license cost $600.  This cost will be reimbursed back to the coach upon completion of the course.  We will try and host these courses, so coaches don’t have to travel.  


III. Field Improvements

A major need that was identified with surveys was the need for better fields.  For the club to improve our fields we need funds to do this.  The club fee will address this need.  Just this year we have spent $1500 on Mac Grass and contracted the City’s contractor to provide an extra mowing a week, at a cost of $90 a week.  This has made this field playable and has provided many teams with a quality surface to train on.  


A 2% Cost of Living Adjustment (“COLA”), rounded to the nearest whole dollar, can be applied once per calendar year.

Club Fees